Write an essay on population explosion

Write an essay on population explosion

More recently though, these statistics have become reversed Commentaries and i am essay on the world population explosion or. It is only due to unfavourable demographic factors that poor countries remain in perpetual poverty.

Some countries have sought to enforce legal remedies for this chronic malady.

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Because of the increasing amount of population and a need for continuing growth in infrastructure there will be a higher rise in environmental disasters.

In absolute term, the population increased to National factors like location features and mineral resources available in the country. These specific issues were selected as a result of the widespread availability of information This will increase the workforce for the future, but can also cause the population to rise very quickly.

The growing rate of population is a cause of several problems. This led to the damage of the four concrete floors of the basement and supporting columns of the tower.

Write an article on population explosion in india

Population control is controlling parents to not have a lot of children for the problem of population. The age composition of our population is also not favourable. Power blackout resulted, elevators became inoperative, five people died and over got injured. People from the uneducated and poor class are seen bearing greater number of children. In a stagnant economy both birth rate and death rate are high and the next increase in population is zero or very low during the early stage of economic growth. Population is commonly referred to the total number of people living in an area. They believe that women with more choices will choose to have In order to study these factors, geographers identify the changes increments and decrements in population, peoples ' migration and settlement patterns [1]. Why is it Necessary to Control Population? The problem of unemployment is on all time high only because of the growing population.

One of the main reasons for the growth of population in India is illiteracy. Several species of animals have decreased and several others have gone extinct due to the degradation or loss of their habitat.

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Long and Short Essay on Population in English for Children and Students