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Obviously, one possible answer is No. If we are moral agents, then we have an obligation to know what is good and to do well what is right. Man may be an infinitesimally, insignificant part of the universe or a key step in the progress of evolution towards new and better beings.

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I cannot begin to explain each worldview. Biblical worldview and Buddhism worldview have very little similarities when it comes to the question of origin. What difference does it make? We need to develop critical skills of analysis and evaluation so that we are informed, intentional, and reflective about what we create, see, and do. Worldviews are a matter of spiritual orientation, rather than a matter of the mind alone Sire, n. While there is something to this concept—we are all influenced by our knowledge and environment—it is incorrect to assume that all worldviews are equally valid. Your beliefs, and therefore your acts, are at the mercy of your neural machinery and are valid and valuable only to the extent that those mechanisms correspond to reality; confidence and certainty must be suspect to you.

We must explore how we see scientific issues from the vantage point of a Christian worldview. A Christian worldview is a coherent way of seeing life, of seeing the world distinct from deism, naturalism, and materialism, existentialism, polytheism, pantheism, mysticism, or deconstructionist postmodernism.


Virtually all elements of your worldview, from your epistemology to your anthropology, are intimately related to your axiology and it is your beliefs about the value of things that are the proximate cause for most of your behavior. So in he calls for all of our thinking to be liberated by coming under the lordship of Christ. Muhammad dictated to the Quran, which is the holy book of Islam. See also: Social Axioms Survey One can think of a worldview as comprising a number of basic beliefs which are philosophically equivalent to the axioms of the worldview considered as a logical or consistent theory. There are no absolute personal responsibilities, no obligations, and since there is no One or Thing to reward or punish "good" or "bad" behavior, in the end there are no significant consequences of it. Followers of Jesus must articulate a Christian worldview for the twenty-first century, with all of its accompanying challenges and changes, and to show how such Christian thinking is applicable across all areas of life. What kinds of value are there?

Here there are many possible answers, the simplest one being that this purpose is unknown, even unknowable. Have you ever thought about your own worldview?

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On the converse, a ruthless dictator can use his power to create a culture of fear where his citizens are oppressed. It also maintains that God is a purposeful God who creates in freedom. A Christian worldview has the stamp of reason and reality and can stand the test of history and experience. If we are created in God's image, then we have great intrinsic value and we should see to our own and, especially, to others' well-being.

Specifically, the belief in grace rather than works as the means for salvation, the belief in the hypostatic union, and the belief in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Sexuality is good in the covenant relationship of mutual self-giving marriage.

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A Christian cannot grow in their relationship with God with just their own understanding and knowledge.

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