Water billing system thesis

Some of the meters are damaged or in places hard to reach and readings cannot be taken from them. Safety Procedures After the system is fully developed and displayed the development group members are responsible for the installation of the system.

Strength in the Existing System There are activities that are considered as a strength of the existing system or practices to be preserved Employees data, Register form, Bill calculating formula, Water preservation support agreement and Report generating form.

There were two testing tools that were used; these are the conformance testing and performance testing which both passed. Some architecture is success for some company; other can lead to failure. The gathered data were analyzed and interpreted using frequency count and mean.

The use of Android application can help the users learn anywhere they are.

Water billing system with sms notification

Future researchers on this subject will find a better ground to make utility and other bills cleared in the shortest time possible, as our people move closer to electronic commerce on hand held devices. Water users make many behavioral, operational, and investment decisions that affect their water use. Entity Relationship Diagram Figure No. This is particularly helpful to the utility company when it receives timely payments and answer queries in time. Limitation of the Study Even though customer can check how much they pay in each month from home via Water Billing Application, the customer cannot process payment through the application the system does not include payment transactions. Implementation — giving practical effect and ensure of actual fulfilment by concrete measures. The billing and collection functions are frequently separated from other financial management activities in a water company. The Study will serve as a guide for the student or other researcher who are also conducting similar study on Web based Water billing system with mobile application. In dynamic model we sketch the design of our proposed system by using diagrams of sequence diagrams, activity diagrams, component and deployment diagrams. The system should allow to the customer to request maintenance order.

Efficient Searching a customer record should not take more time The system displays in every window. For instance, the study of Thawed and Salam revealed that there is greater expectation from students with regards to the usability characteristics of e-learning websites. Planning — the proponents will research about the features and background of the existing system.

It minimizes the customers losing time when they want to access service from the organization.

Water billing system thesis

It provides timely information to their employees and also Process Customers request on time. However, a subscriber can use a borrowed phone, since SIM identity does not matter, though its also preferred that clients use own numbers to avoid misdirecting feedback to the client through a previously used SIM ID at a later date.

Failure to either bill or collect, or to do both, in a timely and efficient manner can have a negative if not drastic impact on the financial standing of a company.

water billing management system documentation
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Water Billing System in Visual Basic 6