Vietnam war the war option

Although Kissinger wanted to keep the Defense Department, especially Secretary of Defense Laird, out of the picture, military protocol dictated otherwise, and it was Laird who handed off the plan to Kissinger.

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Laird dutifully passed on the Joint Staff's proposals to Kissinger, but he disassociated himself from them in his cover memorandum. Ground operations into North Vietnam, he argued, would run the risk of a Chinese response and, moreover, could not be carried out "on a scale which would pose much threat to Hanoi.

Grant Sharp Jr. The documents include a Kissinger memorandum of conversation published today for the first time in which Kissinger explains to Defense Department official Gardner Tucker that Nixon's strategy was to make "the other side Viet Cong guerillas patrolling a water zone during the Vietnam War, March Document Memo, Henry Kissinger to Nixon, n.

Vietnam war the war option

Besides the mining readiness issue, Pincus and Paul were investigating U. While in Japan, they learned about the shipment of 1, mines to Subic Bay. In his memorandum to Laird, Wheeler noted that the proposed actions "would reflect an increase in intensity of signals received by the Soviets. It also reveals that at the same time the nuclear debate was underway, senators were outraged to discover that the president and his aides had misled them about progress in the Vietnam War. Rostow, alerted President Lyndon B. He will resort to any means necessary. One incorporated "major air strikes against high value target systems," such as electric power and air defenses. An essential task for Sainteny was to deliver an unwritten warning from Nixon, which incorporated an indirect reference to the mining and blockading operation Nixon and Kissinger were then considering: He has decided to hope for a positive outcome from the conversations at Paris by 1 November, and he is prepared to show good will by some humanitarian gestures, which Mr.

Kennedy publicly lambasted U. Document Memorandum from G.

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During the Second World War the region came under the control of pro-Axis Vichy forces and Japan, so the Americans armed and trained local forces to fight against them. One way to do that would be for the Soviets to see risks in not helping Washington: "Within Vietnam we must worry the Soviets about the possibility that we are losing our patience and may get out of control.

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Vietnam War Fast Facts