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As Keenan has observed, the meaning of sanctity as inviolability of physical human life is used especially in the writings of Pope John Paul II.

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Paulist Press, Mahwah. Noonan ed. The Roman Catholic application of this doctrine extends not only to abortion and euthanasia, but also to matters such as research on human subjects.

Some of us who use the term employ it more broadly to denote an ethical approach concerned not just with a handful of bioethical issues but the entire range of moral problems that human beings face, from abortion to poverty, from war to the death penalty, from child abuse to the environment.

The problem in Kant's account, for those who today affirm the sanctity of life, is his insistence on rationality as its foundation; for if rationality is no longer present it would seem that human sanctity or personhood is no longer present, if indeed rationality is its foundation and primary indicator.

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The question of suicide is therefore only the extreme point, where the moral question of how to live a life emerges. Finally, in section 5, I sketch out how and to what limited extent the concept of sanctity-of-life may contribute to a rights-based bioethical debate about end-of-life questions. Technology will drive this debate. At the other end of life, Jewish moral teaching repudiates active euthanasia or assisted suicide on the grounds that it cheapens life and constitutes murder. While the sanctity of life can be the foundation, love must be the motivation. In non-religious circles the term is used to indicate the utmost respect with which human life should be treated. The concept of Kiddush HaShem through Kiddush HaChayim is not at all concerned with biomedical end-of-life questions—even the extreme case of martyrdom is no biomedical case—but a religiously based concept of the private moral conduct of life. Human life is not holy in the same sense that God is holy. That same promise is echoed in the New Covenant. The application of human dignity rooted in the imago dei is often extended more broadly to social realities, in that it forms the foundation and the ideal of inalienable rights and intrinsic human values that have long been articulated in Western cultures. In these cases, with the hope of recovery gone, families and loved ones will usually understand that even if the human organism is still alive, the person they loved has ceased to exist. So the first-person perspective exemplifies the fact that sanctity-of-life is not an empirical feature of another physical or mental or biographical life, but a sanctifying moral way of living that questions no one but oneself. As a result, most advocates of the sanctity of human life reject abortion on demand and the use of embryonic stem cells in research and therapy. Pellegrino ed. Keenan, J.

Hence, the theological history of the idea of sanctity-of-life already offers a model of its secularization through internalization by Kant. Fletcher For most Jewish scholars this does not give automatic sanction to abortion, for as Rosner points out, "The destruction of the unborn fetus, although legally not considered murder, can be considered to constitute 'moral murder'.

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You are not your own; you were bought at a price 1 Corinthians — Steinfels, M. However, in doingso, Christians are to acknowledge the spiritual dimension of human life, recognizing that God can and may use suffering for an ultimate spiritual benefit, and through that, for His own glory. The foundation for this assertion is that humans are rational and autonomous beings who thus possess a freedom which must be protected. With regard to genetic engineering, human sanctity usually means not transgressing one's essential humanness and not utilizing experimental measures for the sake of knowledge, at the expense of human dignity. Being a member of the human species does not ensure that one is human in the moral sense. And we will love and care for His people Galatians ; Colossians This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Fletcher

These decisions are difficult ones to make. The creation in God's image became then for the Hebraic tradition the foundation for protecting human life and for justice when it was de-sacralized Genesis Google Scholar 8. Neither analytical examinations e.

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