The importance of english vocabularies to story

The importance of vocabulary has also been recognized in language pedagogy for all the times. Therefore, a deliberate and structured approach needs to be taken for enriching vocabulary of EFL learners.

Learn vocabulary in context

Mastery over required knowledge of vocabulary can make a foreign language learner an effective speaker, good listener, reader and writer. And this principle of vocabulary learning is easily practicable with the use of short-stories. Stories also play important role in developing vocabulary of EFL learners. Taylor, L. You learn vocabulary in an active way. All these views show the relation that exists between vocabulary and reading and how vocabulary or word knowledge plays crucial role in comprehending text. We always want to learn new language efficiently. It is also argued that the key to an incidental learning approach is to make sure learners get maximum exposure to language. On the other hand, lack of vocabulary significantly affects these four language skills. Learning words from context is an important avenue of vocabulary growth and it deserves attention and practice in the classroom Nagy, p. There are various other strategies and approaches also used for developing vocabularies of EFL learners by EFL teachers. Theory into Practice. Harmon, J. Oxford University Press.

Theory Into Practice, 21 4— Brumfit, J. You can learn many words, maybe 10 to 20 new words a day. There are various other strategies and approaches also used for developing vocabularies of EFL learners by EFL teachers.

Walters, J. Knowledge of vocabulary also helps an EFL learner to compare and contrast the foreign language and the mother tongue.

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Words can also be learned through direct instruction, where students learn words through a structured approach. Slater : Literature in the Language Classroom. Nine things every teacher should know about words and vocabulary instruction. Another benefit of using short-stories is the culture load in storytelling.

So what is the best way to learn vocabulary?

The importance of english vocabularies to story

Words, words, words: Teaching vocabulary in grades Just repeating a word over and over again does not help. There are a number of ways EFL teachers can be proactive in maximizing incidental learning from exposure. Many studies for example, Justice, Meier and Walpole have proved that the use of short-stories with EFL helps in developing and enriching their vocabulary. Stories stimulate language acquisition by providing contexts for processing and interpreting new language. EFL teachers can also promote the use of dictionaries, thesauruses and spelling investigations to extend the range of words used. Another benefit is when you try to guess the meaning of new words first before you check it in the dictionary, you will remember it longer. And in that respect, the use of short-stories can be the best method to achieve this goal. Using vocabulary book is the traditional way. Relationship between Vocabulary and Reading: Vocabulary and reading comprehension are closely connected skills. Pathan, and Al-Dersi , PP. Learning vocabulary in context means that you learn new words when you are reading or listening. Some words have many different meanings. Wright , Betteridge and Buckby believe that using tales is a good way to learn vocabulary in EFL context. Most of the time they write down lines of new words without any idea of the real use of them in context.
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Why should you always learn vocabulary in context ?