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Eventually a note she leaves is discovered by an FBI agent who searches for her in an industrial warehouse. Don't start this book if you have something else you need to do. The vocabulary is not too advanced. April's home life is an unstable mess.

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Like the first book in the popular seriesthis novel has a page-turning plot and introduces both complex legal and social issues in a way middle-schoolers can absorb. Woods Boone, Theo's father, specializes in real estate. After successfully using Matt's dog as bait, Denny heartlessly abandons the elderly terrier in a park.

His uncle Ike, once a partner in the family firm, has had a checkered past with the law, but still plays a role in Theo's life. I'd recommend this book to young readers because of the simplicity and exciting storyline, but based on my personal tastes, I wouldn't give this book the highest rating.

Publication Date: November 22, Hardcover: pages.

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