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That incredible flowering of Greek civilization was catalyzed by the alphabet. In ancient times the word and writing of God guided believers to abandon the superstition of their pagan gods and take on the challenge of educating themselves in literacy, mathematics and abstract, analytical thinking-the search for truth. The shapes of several of the cuneiform letters were clearly copied from the letters of the Semitic alphabet. Again, using the example above, choosing the word "decided" rather than "made the decision" makes reading easier for the audience. Throughout the valley, are scattered slabs of rocks with inscriptions in early Thamudic writing, recording the names of travelers who passed through centuries ago. The search actually failed. The Yahweh stone, or Moses stone, would never have been allowed to leave Saudi Arabia if the translation had been known. Numbers describes how the Israelites took their first steps on the road to literacy and numeracy. At the Midian site are found inscriptions in the oldest known alphabet of letters, Thamudic-the father script-which bear testimony to events of the Exodus. The order of the cuneiform alphabet was also the same as that of Hebrew. These inscriptions are written in ancient Hebrew and mention scriptural events which happened at Sinai. Write tight. Years ago I conducted a study tracing the origin of bull ritual motifs, which included the opportunity to do field research of original sources in Egypt and also in Yemen in the Arabian Peninsula. Not every gig is the right one for you.

We do not know, nor [does] the text provide any evidence in this regard. Continue Reading.

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Historically the Word and the writing of God appeared as a package, and paganism, idolatry and human sacrifice declined as they rose. Logan, Robert K. His work is the culmination of decades of professional research and expertise on the origin of the alphabet. Literacy necessitates developing deductive and inductive reasoning-the cornerstones of logical thinking. Nowadays, several Bedouin tribes inhabit Rum and the This ill-conceived study, entitled Al-Bid History and Archaeology, published in , was to have unforeseen consequences. Believers and theologians alike must look at the evidence for the writing of God as carefully as possible. Alphabetical and numerical order are still the mainstays of organizing information.

The Phoenician alphabet disappeared entirely by the second or third century B. Sounds basic, yet it can be tricky.


Of the many professional writers around, none would consider full-time, long-term jobs. Figure out the best person to contact and see if they need your particular writing skillset for any upcoming projects. It was given to the Prince of Mecca by Bedouin tribesmen from Tabuk near the region of Jabal al-Lawz, close enough to be on the pilgrimage path to the Mountain of God in Midian. Sounds basic, yet it can be tricky. Measurement and calculation are the domain of numbers. The bad news is that both of those platforms have been regularly reported for scams. This makes the evidence of the location of Sinai and the writing of God harder to ignore.

Stick to a nice, clean type style such as Helvetica or Times New Roman and limit the number of fonts you use in correspondence. Because the writing of God has been ignored, this connection too has never been cited in the literature of Biblical analysis.

Finding the name of God on artifacts of the period in the Midian region equates to finding a "smoking gun" in the case for the Exodus.

We think of the Torah exclusively as the history of the Hebrews but it is, in fact, the history of the eastern Mediterranean.

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