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The revelation sparked security concerns, especially given that Hikvision is 42 percent owned by the Chinese government. That is very interesting project, that is project important because it is on our primary vertical, counting solution.

Ans: please refer to the answers of Q4.

Taiwan brand vivotek

When the system detects brute-force attacks based on a defined number of failed login attempts, it automatically activates a defense mechanism to block that IP address and prevent further attacks. But beyond technological advances, size and financial resources are still necessary weapons in the battle for survival. Can you introduce our readers to what jobs you have been doing, education, experience, and what is your current role? Complementing its already robust capabilities and exploiting its federated architecture, Orchid Fusion VMS provides for the distributed management of unlimited surveillance devices from a single web-based interface. For example, we launched a stereo people counting network camera for retail solutions, the SC How does VIVOTEK stand in that direction, are your solutions tailor-made for certain vertical markets, and if so, what are your focus on? Do some of their built-in technologies allow better penetration in the market? But if Taiwan can brandish artificial intelligence effectively in the future, the sector may still have a chance to survive and even thrive. Its penetration rate is less than 1 percent. Featuring brute force attack detection, intrustion detection and preventation, and instant damage control.

We keep an open-minded attitude to collabrate with different chipset companies including our Spin-off SoC company based on customer requests. Our customers are impressed by this smart solutions and we expect to discover more opportunities from demands.

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The New Weapon to Fight off China Like Vivotek, some top-flight Taiwanese startups foresee a bright future for the integration of artificial intelligence and surveillance products. Manufacture should provide users advnaced technology without privacy fears and respecting individual privacy.

Our product portfolio demonstrates world-class performance, flexibility and robustness. Army base in Missouri, the U. As my educational base are electro-technique, in work related to security I have work on most of the positions in this branch.

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