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For instance, Skype and Facebook make it possible for people to interact in ways that were never before possible. This means that the overall use of language and vocabulary instead of the selection of personal pronoun has a significant effect on the tone of the university writing.

You will be given a question asking you to give your opinion, discuss a problem or issue. These are known as discussion or for and against essays.

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Discussion type essays have some discussion questions. This essay agrees that an increase in technology is beneficial to students and teachers. The topic needs to be one that interests you. You are expected to explain the relevant terms or words that are used in the essay. For a discussion essay, a balanced view is normally essential. In language tests, the distinction may not be helpful hence not important in considering it. In most cases, you are not expected to choose any side of the argument. A productive and a tactful discussion must consider both the opposing viewpoints thus resulting in a balanced view in the whole paper. There are a number of qualities of an acceptable discussion essay. It should provide a well-rounded understanding of the issues before the writer presents his personal opinions and conclusions. These are known as discussion or for and against essays. Structure Although the structure of a discussion essay may vary according to length and subject, there are several components which most discussion essays have in common.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of technology in the classroom? The inconvenience of long distances is eliminated as we can talk and even see distant friends or relatives for an unlimited time. If it is a test, you might lose marks if you answer the wrong question.

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The main body will examine arguments for in one or more paragraphs and arguments against also in one or more paragraphs. Although you don't technically have to be in favor of one side of the discussion yourself, if you are, be sure to present your own conclusions in this paragraph rather than earlier in the essay.

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Discussion essays present issues that surround a particular topic mostly found being open and debatable to the argument. The phrases can be used in the essay, but these phrases should never be overused. A well-structured discussion essay helps the reader to follow the flow of thought in an easy way without any distraction. The arguments in the body should be progressive beginning with weak arguments or issue and progressing to the stronger argument. Advertisement Don't like ads? Many essay titles require you to examine both sides of a situation and to conclude by saying which side you favour. You should always find a way through which you can soften your language making it categorical or less direct. Step 3 Focus to write the essay in the following way. It is therefore agreed that technology is a very worthwhile tool for education. If you have any questions please let us know in the comments below or on the Facebook page. What are the advantages and disadvantages of technology in the classroom?

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How To Write A Discussion Essay