Sino malay race riots in kuala lumpur

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No mention was ever made by non-Malay politicians of the almost closed-door attitude to the Malays by non-Malays in large sections of the private sector in this country. To this day, there is still an unease about the potential of violence as the power struggles between groups continue.

Why were there racial riots in singapore

With Parliament suspended, the NOC became the supreme decision-making body for the next 18 months. In retaliation, Chinese, sometimes aided by Indians, armed themselves with pistols and shotguns and struck at Malay kampongs. This led the Malays to fear displacement in their own homeland. The curfew was gradually relaxed as the situation slowly returned to normal, but by the end of the month the curfew was still in force from 3 in the afternoon until 6. That fear has been built into our political system and has remained a part of our psychology. The result showed that the Alliance had won less than half of the popular vote, a large setback for the ruling coalition. The procession through Kampung Baru was certainly unfortunate, but it did not justify such a wave of killings. Houses, shops, vehicles were torched, people killed and injured.

As long as it remains a hidden, censored part of history then it hinders our maturing as a people and a nation, and will continue to haunt us. They were more widespread and continued for a longer period for two weeks with a toll estimated at more than 2, lives.

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The Sino-Malay riots of were a big thing and one reason why Tunku took steps to cut Singapore off. In a nutshell, a day after the May 10, general election which saw sweeping gains for the Opposition, thousands of Chinese marched through Kuala Lumpur, parading through predominantly Malay areas hurling insults.

Sino malay race riots in kuala lumpur

After the riots, Tunku Abdul Rahman was forced into the background, with the day-to-day running of the country handed to the deputy Prime Minister, Tun Abdul Razak , who was also the director of the National Operations Council. Peace was restored in the affected areas within two months. The real figures could be much higher than officially revealed. Curfews continued in most parts of the country, but were gradually scaled back. It tells about our society and its relationships. The Malaysian government declared a state of emergency and suspended Parliament until It was said that the racial disturbances in Singapore contributed towards the eventual separation of Singapore from Malaysia on 9 August Supporters were urged not to go out and celebrate, but rather to maintain a low profile. Huge pillars of smoke rose skyward as houses, shops and autos burned.

That fear has been built into our political system and has remained a part of our psychology. Some were also shot while standing in their own doorways and gardens.

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Declaration of emergency[ edit ] The government ordered an immediate curfew throughout the state of Selangor. Student Chak Tze Chin, 23, says she heard stories of it from her grandmother. The brand of politics that Lee Kuan Yew practised further frightened the Malays. As a nation we have not moved or completely healed from the incident simply because we have been afraid. Still, what Ahmad Mustapha Hassan ,who was an Umno Youth exco committee member at the time, saw first-hand seems to lend some credence to the Tunku conspiracy theory. A crazy mob had taken over The result showed that the Alliance had won less than half of the popular vote, a large setback for the ruling coalition. The unhappiness that some Umno members had with Tunku by was real but it did not feature as a cause of the May 13 incident. May 13 is a ghost that must be exorcised. Tunku Abdul Rahman would later call the retaliatory parade "inevitable, as otherwise the party members would be demoralised after the show of strength by the Opposition and the insults that had been thrown at them. The vigilance of the security forces in Singapore and the persistent efforts of ISD officers in making island-wide coverage contributed to the return of normalcy in Singapore.

In particular, a large Gerakan procession welcomed the Gerakan leader V. InSingapore, Sabah and Sarawak joined Malaya to form Malaysia, against the objections of the Filipino and Indonesian governments of the day. My father, a retired diplomat, told me that after the riots, many prophets of doom even predicted the end of the then newly-formed Malaysia.

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Yet 39 years later, there is stillno proper closure.

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