Simon bolivar the liberator essay

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Bolivar was a leader of man and armies, but often times the generals that were close to him either supported him or was against him in a passive way. The leaders of the radical minority realized that in order to gain the support of the majority of the creoles, they had to make their revolutionary ideas more appealing to their desires. They erected a stupendous system of colonial despotism Gale p The elite class in Latin America was faced with a decision between independence and continuing to live under monarchal rule. The people of Spain were not happy about this, and, starting in Madrid, they rose up in rebellion against the French troops. The common folk began to trust his words, as he talked about fighting for the resources that were theirs, ideals taken directly from the American Revolution itself. This paper explores the impact the days of colonialism and revolution, in which treatment of Creoles was inferior to Peninsulares Spaniards born in Spain. Simon Bolivar left behind a legacy that made him famous all over the world Bolivar was excellent at organizing governments and taking control.

He died on December 17, He met with revolutionary leaders and supplied armies and guns to assist in the revolutions of Latin American. He was a revolutionary, an intellectual, and a visionary man that made Latin American independence successful during the nineteenth century.

At the age of fifteen in he traveled to Spain to receive a better education. He proposed a series of constitutional republics, an elected lower house, and a president that would remain for life.

Simon bolivar the liberator essay

They both have extensive military accomplishments and they also valued military. At this time Simon Bolivar had joined the revolution. They had won their place in history for being the biggest liberators of our continent. Simon received an excellent education from his tutors, Simon Rodriquez and Andres Bello. Bonaparte offered the people of Bolivia freedoms that the Spanish rule simply refused. By the age of nine Bolivar lost both his parents, and was being taken care of by his uncle don Carlos Palacios. Then he came up with a more daring plan. This was enough to force Bolivar to flee to Jamaica. Hierarchy system was very complex. A year later Bolivar became dictator of Peru. After Bolivar had written the letter from Jamaica, he gathered a force in Haiti that ended up in Venezuela in , and took Angostra. And this was a long-standing cause of frustration and resentment that contributed to the desire for independence from Spain His family consisted of a slew of wealthy Creoles, or those born in America but of European decent. These countries would have shared a centralized government and would have had the city of Bogota as its capital.

I would agree with most of the historians on the writings of Simon Bolivar. They had won their place in history for being the biggest liberators of our continent. Within a few months the republican army had surrendered.

His prophetic vision of hemispheric solidarity lives today, and his political thinking serves dictators and democrat alike in contemporary Latin America. He learned of the political advancement of the government in Europe and hope to do the same in is homeland.

simon bolivar essay

One option was for the creoles to set up juntas in the same manner as in Spain and assume provisional sovereignty.

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