Significance of malaria as a public health issue biology essay

However having a malaria-infected person nearby will not cause the disease to spread WebMD. Had surveillance efforts not been abandoned in some important areas, the re-emergence of malaria would not have had such disastrous consequences. Malaria goes back centuries.

One critical success factor is that any new compound being developed must be active against preexisting resistant strains. From Ref. In practice, the absolute harm appears to be low, since people undertaking this kind of work are provided with a high standard of diagnosis and treatment [ 4347 ].

Out of those million people that die every year,of them are African children under the age of 5. People have supportedthe efforts of trying to decrease the intensity of the disease, but if malaria vaccines are to be used as part of a tool for the eradication of malaria, they will need to have an impact on malaria transmission.

The earliest record can be traced back to BC in China Cox, These studies have provided essential insights into the biology and transmission of malaria that may not have been feasibly obtained by other means. According to early reports [ 2526 ], pyrethrum powder proved very efficient as an insect killer, either used inside or outside buildings, though its efficiency was strongly dependent on the origin and nature of the plants used to prepare the insecticide.

Based on its known effectiveness against many insect species, pyrethrum powder was used indoors against yellow fever vector [ 111213 ].

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Ethical aspects of malaria control and research