Shawshank redemption

Shawshank redemption

It started being more successful after it was released on video, but one of the keys to its success was undoubtedly the fact that it seemed to be playing on cable television on a nearly constant basis.

Dave Jacobs.

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Sometimes the performances really affected me while I was shooting it. Both were box-office disappointments that were defibrillated by TV reruns. Doubtfire Continue reading Show less Talk to your kids about Now he has a white beard, a ponytail and glasses and lived in a weathered trailer in a remote area surrounded by palmettos and very few neighbours. And though Cruise loved the screenplay—even doing a table read with the filmmakers—he balked at taking direction from a green director. Darabont seriously considered the offer, citing growing up poor in Los Angeles, believing it would elevate his standing in the industry, and that Castle Rock could have contractually fired him and given the film to Reiner anyway. He expanded on elements of King's story. Once you're in that situation, you just toe whatever line you have to toe. The interchangeability of the films used in the prison theater suggests that it is the cinematic experience and not the subject which is key to the scene, allowing the men to escape the reality of their situation. He had left clues about his identity over the past 56 years, and investigators traced those to his Florida doorstep, said US Marshal Pete Elliott in Cleveland. No, actually. It was never depressing, because Andy had this hope inside. Why did Red and Andy disagree on whether they should have hope for a better life?

It was just a golden cast — Jon Bernthal being the star, Alexa Davalos being the female lead. However, it received seven Oscar nominations and went on to become one of the most-celebrated films in history.

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Darabont favored more scenic shots, while Deakins felt that not showing the outside of the prison added a sense of claustrophobia, and it meant that when a wide scenic shot was used, it had more impact.

It'sand Andy doesn't have the stuff for prison life. For instance, Andy stealing the warden's suit is a key element of the story line, so the actor who played him had to be nearly as tall as Tim.

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Here we have all the things that made Stand by Me such a satisfying experience: loveable characters, writerly flourishes, one-dimensional evil antagonists, enduring friendships, poetic justice, and a happy ending.

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