Shakespeares hamlet an analysis of claudius monologue proving he does care for gertrude

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In other words, Claudius used his power to seduce Gertrude in order to take the throne. The ghost goes on to tell Hamlet about how Hamlet's own mother was adulterous with Claudius, before the ghost's death. In the play, Hamlet is introduced as a troubled man in deep depression. Then I'll look up; My fault is past.

How to cite this article: Jones, Howard Mumford. Hamlet tries to convince Gertrude that the ghost is real, but fails.

Hamlet and gertrude relationship

Despite the remorse shown in act 3 scene 3 when Claudius prays for forgiveness, he still wants Hamlet dead because he fears losing both his throne and his life. After admitting they did not find the cause, but were treated well by Hamlet, they inform the King and Queen that Hamlet is happy that there is going to be a play presented tomorrow and he hopes that Claudius and Gertrude will attend. She cannot degrade herself by being a married man's mistress, though she is very tempted to do so, and continually relies on faith to guide her decisions. See below, p. With this link in mind, he does not want to link himself with his sexual mother. When the Queen is confronted by an angry and erratic Hamlet, she panics and screams for help. Is he insinuating that him taking too much time to think about it could lead to sickness?

He argues that the true sign of greatness can be seen in a man like Fortinbras who will fight over a trifle when his honour is at stake. Realizing that he isn't further helping himself with these speeches, he makes a plan that will give him the proof he needs to show Claudius' guilt in Hamlet's father's death.

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In Defense of Hamlet's King Claudius