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Climate scientists and many others concerned with its effects study volcanic ash. You can even compare your performance against other test-takers and your own previous attempts.

Aboriginal communities should be granted full protection of all of their customs. Explanation for Question 5 This question requires the examinee to use evidence from the passage to infer what the author would be most likely to believe.

The language of the Canadian constitution should more carefully delineate the instances to which reforms apply.

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Longitudes are measured vertically. What does the second sentence do? But this decision has placed on provincial courts the enormous burden of interpreting and translating the necessarily general constitutional language into specific rulings.

Corn and soybean prices are expected to be very high this year. They are followed by two or three sample questions each. These tests are used by employers for pre-employment testing and can be found as part of school admission tests.

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This comparison does not involve the list of themes and objects mentioned in question 2. It restates the idea found in the first. Greenwich Athe location of zero degrees longitude, adopted as the global standard, is both incorrect and never named in the passage.

C Distilled water is purified water.

reading comprehension test with answers
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Reading Comprehension Sample Questions