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Pop art can be as simple or as complex as the artist chooses. The last phase of American Pop Art was characterized by an acerbic, radical realism that had come from American origin and specialised in urban social relations, radical realism soon become an international movement stated Osterworld Pg 92 Andy Warhol, Richard Hamilton and Roy lichinestein were the main key players in Pop Art; Richard Hamilton is one of the main British Pop Artists, he was born In London stated Osterworld, Pg There is also an understood risk that comes with inventing anything.

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Culture is an important part of society. Explain why this may be true. It is this factor of focus, and not the common artifacts used, that give Pop, and particularly the work of Warhol, its significance. Should Madonna be getting all of the fame. Roy Lichtenstein: Graphics. We both seem to concentrate of images of violence in popular culture. Pop Art become to achieve success and recognition as an art movement, by the mid sixties it got more developed and subject matter expanded however it still fall back on traditional techniques of composition and style states Osterworld, Pg

Later artists, such as Tom Wesselmann and Allen Jones presented their subject matter in a more shocking perspective. He further developed his work by using different technical reproduction methods, the effects of everyday life and peoples viewing habits such as; photography, film and television played a huge impact, states Osterworld, Pg Andy Warhol, a leader of the pop art movement, is considered one of the most important American artists.

Andy Warhol, for example, changed the imagery of everyday objects, as well as entertainment figures, through distorted shapes, sizes, and bold colors. Boxing, wrestling, and cock fighting are traditional sports in some parts o f the Filipino culture.

Filipino pop culture icons in boxing and wresting that reach international recognition are a source of great pride for those living outside the Philippines.

Some of the prominent artist in pop art in s and s include Andy Warhol that attains prominence in this genre Sayre I have looked into the background and context, the key players and their work, the themes and styles associated with Pop Art as well as the reaction to the movement.

Innovator are the people that will take the biggest risks, but they are the ones that enjoy the biggest success if their idea is accepted.

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Ultimately he approached his art in a way to have commercial or advertisement look. These common forms can identify the members of a culture group while also differentiating individuals of other groups.

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His flat use of color came from the graphic design of the era used for packaging and logos. I have looked into the background and context, the key players and their work, the themes and styles associated with Pop Art as well as the reaction to the movement. Who died? In the following report, you will read about the different styles of these artists, communicative theories, inner state theories, form and content, and how they compare and contrast among other subjects As far as I have concerned, this is a complicated issue and requires to take every facets into consideration However, it is acknowledged as art in popular culture. Pop art was a form of rebellion against Abstract Expressionism.
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