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The United States Navy had been dealt a stunning blow by the Japanese, but it was not the over whelming victory that the Japanese had thought that it was Lippman 2.

Interestingly, the Japanese had decided to enter the war only six days previous to the actual bombing on December 1, at an Imperial conference.

Hawaii is located in the Pacific Ocean between California and Japan. In Eastern Europethe Soviets began to establish political control over the countries that they occupied, like Poland and Czechoslovakia. Hiroshima: why the bomb was dropped. The Attack The attack on Pearl Harbor came as a complete surprise.

Recognizing even prior to the release of the Hull note that war was more of a probability than a possibility, the U. He believed that the best way to act would be by secrecy; because the United States would eventually wear down Japan in a war.

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World War II History: WW2 Pearl Harbor Attack for Kids