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Produced by Robyn Kershaw. A celebration lunch.

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They have a big break up fight with water and flour. Tomato Day beginning : Josie's doubts about her family, her culture and her future emerge through this voiceover. She meets his Dad and it is revealed that they have a close relationship. This makes Michael realize who she really is to him, and he is shell-shocked. In close proximity to the end of the novel Josie realizes that there was much more than love between Nonna and Marcus. Nonna sees them and takes Josie away. Nonetheless, they broke the promise or more appropriately, Josie broke the promise. Introduction to St. The language he uses is very colloquial and he offends politicians without any fear, even when those same politicians are in the audience.

Lee thinks Josie did the right thing by refusing to have sex with Jacob, and says she wishes they were little girls again. Carly's racism is revealed early.

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Relationships: Being in a serious relationship is difficult for Josie, but she works hard at it. Knowing where you belong At the beginning of the film, Josie thinks she doesn't belong anywhere.

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Production[ edit ] The film is produced by Robyn Kershaw. By bringing everything out in the open, their feeling can begin to be resolved and they can move forward as three generations of strong, loving Alibrandi women. Meeting her father: At the beginning of the film, Josie says that fathers seem pretty useless anyway, and that she is happy do do without hers. What was the previous encounter between Josie and Michael? Katia is a great dressmaker and loves cooking food especially Italian. This time Josie is much more secure in who she is, and accepts that her family is an important part of who she is. This gets us thinking about a number of things: tradition old ways vs. This part of the film marks the beginning of a growing relationship between Josephine and her father. The pressure to be perfect Lots of the images that only appear on the screen for a second, or might appear in the background are very important in the story. One of the motives for the book to be successful was its originality, it describes the life of a teenage girl with an Italian background who lives in Australia. She's hot and irritable. Josie knows that if she enters John's privileged world, she won't be like Carly. She uses this technique to explain what's going on, to tell us how she feels about things, to introduce background information, but also to reproduce the kind of first person narrative the novel has. Geoff Morrell Ron Bishop Tomato Day beginning.

Here are a few examples. Studying for her future: Josie realises that these exams are an important part of the journey towards the life she wants.

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Meanwhile, an unexpected visit adds controversy to her difficult life. He is concerned that his father controls everything about his life. She also demonstrated a good chemistry with John and Jacob during the film that allows the audience to perceive how strong a teen romance can be and the meaning of a genuine friendship. There are several key difference between these two scenes that reveal how much Josie has learnt and grown over the course of the film. Tomato Day end Tomato day again. Josie and Nonna argue and Nonna tells her to go home. They talk about when she and Michael were seventeen. Once her father comes back to her life, she is not interested in having any relationship with him but after a period of time they understand 3 Margaret Pomeranz, Looking for Alibrandi review SBS, 11 February, sbs. Synopsis Josephine is a 17 year old girl who has to confront several hard and serious situations in this drama. When he drops her home Jacob tries to kiss her but Josie moves her face away. Occasionally it gets too much for her and she erupts at him.

Michael's Apartment: The apartment represents the things that Josie could gain from having a career like Michael's. She feels that she does not belong to any of them. We were ready to laugh at our own jokes about Tim Tams and the Liberal party. Katia reveals that Marcus was in love with her, and that for four months during the holiday season when she was separated from her whole family, he would come and help her around the house.

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In Cannes Film Festival market. The pair dance for seven songs, before Josie goes to the bathroom and they change partners. Setting John's soul free Lying in bed after the funeral, Josie remembers she has John's soul under her bed. Still, his words make Josie happy, and she begins to think about being with Jacob forever. The funeral: Robert is a pallbearer. A few days after the dance, Josie sees Michael Andretti at a family bbq her grandmother hosts. Katia Alibrandi: Katia is a 51 year old Italian that is currently living in Australia. He comes back to Sydney because of his job and plans to stay one year there. Skamp: The Skamp magazine appears twice before Josie is called out in front of class. Josie has the right mix of strength and vulnerability and shows herself to be a fantastic role model for young girls. His speech has passion, power, meaning, and immediately gains the approval of the other teenagers that are in the event. John's death helps Josie to see a number of things: life in his world can be just as difficult as in hers; you can feel as if you don't belong, regardless of the world you come from, and also that she doesn't need to make the same mistake John did. Behind them as they are getting onto the bike, a screen is playing footage of a volcano exploding.
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