Misrepresentation teenage girls

teenage stereotypes essay

But these sentencing principles are not always applied consistently. The combination of these things in the show leads to drugs, partying, sex, and everything else parents do not want their vulnerable teens watching.

These fictional characters were like the Laguna Beach cast on steroids; they had hoards of money, no parental supervision, and New York City at their fingertips. Wikimedia Commons. I will show you how tropes can affect teenage girls and society well, as well as badly.

Misrepresentation teenage girls

Panics about young criminals and rebellious behaviour still occur today. This misrepresentation is problematic because it glamorizes harmful behavior, portrays an unrealistic beauty ideal, and sexualizes young girls, and in turn potentially influences the young teen audience.

I realize that this is something that needs to be addressed, especially in our own black communities.

teenage stereotypes
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Media and Girls