Master thesis control system

In this system, unwanted vibrations need to be ompensated and haptic information need to be exchanged between driver and system.

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The design of ECMS is typically done using heuristics. The current model does not takes into account temperature development in the battery during operation. Van den Hof Model-predictive and distributed climate control in buildings An accurate indoor temperature and relative humidity control is essential for the preservation of monumental buildings.

Master thesis control system

Such a supervisory control system is called an energy management system and are typically based on the so-called equivalent consumption minimisation strategy ECMS. Focus of the project will be on the optimal control architecture and the design of an optimal power stage of the Omron Smart Inverter.

In these situations stability of the network is important and needs to be guaranteed. The updated model should be validated on available set of measurements.

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That implies replacement of conventional Li-ion production technologies in favor of solid-state deposition techniques.

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Systems Theory and Automatic Control