Management of plastic waste

Such is the case, for example, of mixed multilayer films, which are harder to recycle than the metal, paper and glass containers they have replaced. Plastics recycling technologies have been divided into three general types primary, secondary tertiary and Quaternary.

An additional challenge for the recycling of mixed plastic waste is the differences in the melting points and processing temperatures of the different polymers involved. Engineering enzymes for plastic degradation are emerging as a new field of study.

plastic waste management projects for students

Plastic waste directly and indirectly affects living organisms throughout the ecosystem, including an increasingly high impact on marine life at a macro and micro scale.

They are: Landfilling, Incineration, Recycling and Biodegradation. Many people use eco-friendly bags for the sake of green living. However, biodegradable plastics are not without controversy.

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Plastic waste management