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Availability of Pizza. Spread throughout zoo grounds, there are 15 different collections, highlighting over different plant species, with a total of over 7, individual plants. Detailed sculptures, educational graphics, and architectural elements create an immersive experience for visitors, while specific animal highlights include amazing critters from piranhas and giant otters, to harpy eagles and cotton top tamarins.

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Winner While the abandoned zoo has had animals in the past, an important criteria for zoos is that they have animals in the present. Guests can find information about elephant conservation in India at Elephants of India Plaza, which also has a waterfall where the animals can bathe.

InVirginia, the wolf, escaped the zoo multiple times by ascending trees, climbing fences, and walking along branches until she could escape. The facility also features a chimpanzee penthouse with heated bedrooms for the apes and an outdoor playground that has a jungle gym.

Vision Statement We will leverage the diverse resources of Los Angeles to be an innovator for the global zoo community, creating dynamic experiences to connect people and animals.

Visitors enter the exhibit through an Indonesian pagoda, continue over the stream on a deck bridge, and arrive at a small pavilion with a glass viewing window. Part of the problem was the gorilla habitat was originally intended to house bears.

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Los Angeles Zoo