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Managers may adopt this leadership style when all team members are highly experienced, well-trained and require little oversight. Strategic leaders anticipate future needs and make decisions in the present to meet those needs.

This was only made possible when American President of that time Theodore Roosevelt decided to lead this project.

3 types of leadership styles

Sports is clearly an area where we can observe many leadership styles, and one in which strategy is crucial. You define the work and the roles required, put structures in place, and plan, organize, and monitor work.

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Using a participative style with a team of workers who know their jobs. The first is directed inwards, while the latter is directed outwards.

Example: Before an operation, the surgeon carefully recounts the rules and processes of the operation room with every team member who will be helping during the surgery. Followers are trustworthy and experienced. These types of leaders are exceptionally skilled in building employee morale and helping people re-engage with their work.

Manager presents the problem, gets suggestions, and then makes the decision — Up to this point the manager has always presented the decision, although the last style allows it to change based upon the team's input.

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Leadership Styles