Just us cafes marketing environment analysis

But, there are some unique valuable propositions JUC possessed. Costa, J. Source: Based on Lancasterp. The company has relatively small diversified product range coffee bean, Tea, sugar and chocolate.

just us coffee roasters co op coffeehouse division marketing plan

Figure 5. If the first stage of market expansion through franchisee coffee houses is successful, Just Us should consolidate its resources and start opening own outlets in new territory.

Just us cafes marketing environment analysis

Figure 4. The last type of strategy is diversification and Just Us does not currently use it. Source: Based on Boone and Kurtz , p. Recommendations As it was indicated in the previous analyses, Just Us has different ways available to improve its competitive marketing strategy. Cafe JUC is facing and helps the management team of the organization addressing some of its burning issues. The major challenge of this approach is the significant capital investment of new product line. Customer brand loyalty helped JUC to hold their market share and has sustainable profitability even the competition intensified in last few years. Creation of an on-line customer community Low 5. Source: Based on Lancaster , p. The main trend of the market segment is that fair trade becomes trendy itself.

Alternative B : The second strategy is to remain in the Nova Scotia market and defend what JU already has, no expansion. Threat of Substitutes: There are various substitutes for fair trade coffee in the industry such as regular coffee, tea etc but not only coffees but in the general beverages market e.

The organization not only have to compete with local players, supermarket chains but also have to compete with international players. Previous advertising at Just Us was not intense. To achieve the goal first Just Us needs to raise appropriate financial resources. The SWOT analysis of Just Us, displayed in Appendix 5, shows that together with the less threatening issues, challenges facing the company to the highest extent are shortage of promotional activities and financial resources and expansion of the biggest players of the coffee industry into the fair trade segment.

It helps companies understand the best way to allocate resources and develop the appropriate successful strategy Boone and Kurtz,pp. Coffee Roasters image also attracts a passionate following. Peteraf, M.

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Marketing planning at just us cafe