How to write an article in 12 weeks

how to write an article in 12 weeks

I worked as an editor at UCLA in the s, and was approached about teaching a magazine article writing course. Understanding and making arguments: what is an argument; how do you know whether you have one; how do you make strong arguments; and how do you write an argument-driven article?

writing your journal article in twelve weeks, second edition: a guide to academic publishing success

Day 3, reviewing your article for argument. Source Belcher, W.

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Select a journal Finding the right journal for your article is essential. Open and conclude your article First, Belcher advises revising your title. Advice for scholars at resource-poor institutions. Day 5, reading relevant journals and writing query letters. When the book came out, I had somebody in the humanities who said, "I can't write it in 12 weeks. Day 4, reading articles to cite in your article. Your tasks Revising your structure. Days 3—4, evaluating academic journals. Belcher recommends outlining an existing article before starting on your own. Types of scholarly texts: primary, original, or exhibit sources; scholarly or secondary literature; and derivative or tertiary documents.

Week 4: Selecting a Journal Instruction Good news about journals. Week Opening and Concluding Your Article Instruction On the importance of openings: fashioning your title; molding your introduction; and choosing your name.

Types of pre- and postdraft outlining. Fantastic example of original version, plagiarized version, borderline plagiarized and correctly summarized text which shoul Overall, the book is definitely highly structured and good for those who need a great deal of help managing their time in what is always an onerous task.

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