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Because that page break is going to do bad things later.

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VAs often work for multiple companies. What are the most important things to get right? I really have to do actual writing. Other directions Various directions have been written into our script groans, whispers etc.

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Apparently, some parts of the BBC now use Arial, which is nice because arial is prettier. It saves a great deal of time. You should send a full single script. Go through your document, selecting each section of text that is either a character name, sound effect, section of dialogue, paranthetical, of the bit where you say end, and then click on the corresponding button at the top of the page: Voila!

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Writing tips Most of the tips for writing a theatre script also apply to writing a radio play see Stage plays. Ready to get started? Make sure it all stays on one page by deleting any carriage returns that push your address below the page break. What does he want now? Radio plays The layout of a radio script is similar to that of a theatre script see Stage plays with the addition of technical directions for sound effects and music. You may need to load it once then save it in your later Word format. CeltX and Movie Magic Screenwriter are also popular.
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