How to write a pitch for a story

How long should a story pitch be

Paragraph two: Newsy hook — what makes the story timely? A pitch essentially makes the case for doing a certain story at a certain point in time, and most importantly, why you're the best person to write it. Even a non-newsy pitch, such as a travel feature or personal essay, is often more enticing with a time-sensitive hook. Alison Palmer , owner of the freelance network Journohub , highlights the value of finding a news peg or some stats to make your pitch more timely. It also lets an editor know that you have a plan of action, and that your finished draft will be backed up with both sources and substance. A personal relationship that may signal a conflict of interest is not. Check the publication's masthead the editors and their titles to make sure you're approaching the right person. If it is a multi-media package, list and describe the major components.

Be clear about why it's important that this story is written now, and that you are the one to write it.

How to write the perfect pitch Polish up your pitches with these tips and advice from seasoned freelance journalists Posted: 26 May By: Abigail Edge Credit: Image from Pixabay If you're a freelance journalist earning or hoping to earn income from writing and reportingproducing an engaging pitch is an essential part of your skillset.

how to pitch a story to a magazine

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After this point, this story will be pitched elsewhere.

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Here are some examples of elevator pitches. If you don't hear back from the editor you've pitched within a week, do follow up.

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And it matters. You are never likely to be called upon to pitch your book in this way.

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How to pitch story ideas: tips from journalists