History of zimbabwe since its independence in 1980

This gave the government widespread powers under the "Law and Order Maintenance Act," including the right to detain persons without charge which it used quite widely.

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Hundreds of black farm workers were killed, along with scores of white farmers. Each remains in detention until Sithole joins them from November At the time of federation there are no Africans on Nyasaland's legislative council. He arrives in Kimberley at the age of eighteen inthe very year in which rich diamond-bearing lodes are discovered there.

History of zimbabwe since its independence in 1980

Two years later, inplaces are found for five members. Its grasslands make excellent grazing for cattle.

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Their language, whatever it was, was superseded by the ancestral Shona languages, although Ehret says that a set of Nyasa words occur in central Shona dialects today.

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History of Zimbabwe