Five paragraph compare and contrast essay outline

Molly is a pound bully who likes to pounce, lick, and paw at canines and humans until she gets her way. Those paragraphs are the main place for the comparison and the story you are going to tell.

compare and contrast articles

And with your starting draft, you need to list and describe all the ideas you have in your outline, just use everything you can remember from the topic you are working with. In the first section introduce the topic to your audience, then explain how analyzed matters differ or are alike, and make conclusion on the topic, summarizing all the obtained results; Concentrate on the most important features, not trying to cover all the differences and similarities.

Pick several items and concentrate on them, as too many details will bore the reader. Compare and Contrast Essay Examples When completing a comparison essay, many students face such difficulties as lack of knowledge on the subject, not knowing how to structure their work properly or simply not being able to choose a good topic.

Each paragraph will also have two details about each subject as they relate to the aspect: Body paragraph 1 The topic sentence states the main idea of the paragraph. And to make your paper absolutely high level, you need to get even deeper than you can and another writer usually so.

It should be just one paragraph long. Here are few basic tips you need to discuss: Answer the question "So What? Such lists will keep you organized and you will always have ideas of what to write about, savings lots of energy and time.

As it will be the last words you can write about the entire thing, you should not make it sound just like a simple summary, but convincing and ripe position.

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How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay