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In addition we will also look into the various pros and cons of the segmentation options for the Fashion Channel to increase their revenue stream. Information about discounts in fashion stores and fashion recommendations are valued as well by this age range. In TFC has realized that some of the other channels like CNN and Lifetime are following the footsteps of TFC and also they are telecasting the programs related to the fashion world, which were now started to become more popular in comparison to the programs of TFC. In order to sustain in this environment, the company has to develop and renew its strategy and introduce a segmentation approach, targeting more profitable consumers and specific age groups. For instance, it can invite celebrities more often to the program. Thus, it responds to the needs of the target group females aged These channels were giving competition to the TFC directly by taking the share of its ad revenue; these channels were giving a double edged competition to TFC. However, it should be noted that their income might be lower compared to other age ranges. Change might upset current audience and employees. Cable operators might consider offering TFC in less appealing packages thereby losing its broad audience. On a scale of 1 to 5, TFC had achieved a 3.

Males nevertheless, focus more on new designs, fashion trends and new brands. In order to change the current situation, Wheeler came up with three scenarios.

According to the SWOT analysis, TFCs competitive advantage will not be sustainable as already other fashion programmes from different players are eroding its market share and showing higher audience awareness. How to cite this page Choose cite format:. Strategy Option 2, although, offers a higher CPM and its profit margin is only marginally less than in Strategy Option 3, the concept is entirely too risky.

It is risky if only target at this group and the average viewers will decrease as well.

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There is a possibility to lose customer loyalty in this case and consequently part of its customer base. It was one of the most widely available niche networks with an 80 million subscriber base Stahl, SWOT Analysis A word of advice, read the case carefully, including the exhibits and the footnotes.

On a scale of 1 to 5, TFC had achieved a 3. The Fashion Channel B. These are an unclear targeting group and an increased power of competitors. While advertisers might favour this narrow target market, supervisors and the broad audience would be hard to convince as it alters the current concept completely.

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Fr that they use market research not only for demographic data but also to study consumer behavior and attitudes—how viewers use the network, what they value, and what needs they have. The average rating could increase to 1. Identifying the prime, most valuable consumer groups will bring huge profits. Be reminded that there are two parts to Case 1:Part 1A Questions and Part 1B, which is the corresponding excel spreadsheet with the financial analysis. One of the most important strengths of TFC is the fact that the channel is in the basic cable package. Advantages: Through implementing various marketing tools on new target segment, the rating will increase from 1. These are an unclear targeting group and an increased power of competitors.
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