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This is the reason why the tourism industry is getting various rights related to the country. This idea was the start of the whole system which came up to share different oil reserves and become a balanced state. Matthiesen, T. The economy of Saudi Arabia is dependent on the reserves of oil. The religious clerics were so strong that even they managed to stand against the changes made by the government to modernize the society. The historical importance of oil in the Saudi economy is worth discussing. The major causes of conjunctivitis ate infections, allergies and irritation from the environment.

However, viral infections also cause sore throats, cold and running nose. The world is moving forward and developing new sources of income for the countries and there are many new strategies that the Kingdom can employ to turns thing in its own favour.

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The plan is almost applicable to the vision in the areas Blazquez, Sectors like tourism and entertainment will get better. The non-government entities which made the calls in the past made emotional decisions which ruined the political and social situation of the Kingdom. To implement the vision it is important to restructure the old government style and set up and share the responsibilities among the agencies and authorities in a way that the fulfilment of the vision gets all the support it needs. Now a new idea nets new instructions and policies to be motivated so that these things are listening in the areas with outlining relative factor. Therefore this is the main cause which forms the area relating to the different frame of events. This will raise the living standard of the common This will help an ordinary citizen manage the finance in a better way and that is what makes the economy of the country stronger. The plan is to raise the ranking of Saudi Arabia on the Government Effectiveness Index from 80th position to 20th This is an important and difficult challenge to be achieved. On the other hand, fusidic acid therapy is prescribed if chloramphenicol is not suitable. To compete with the modern world it is important to adopt the new technologies being invented and acquire them to facilitate the people. This is the main position for the economy of the kingdom. This is important for the execution of vision because if the implementation of the policies made by the government is not effective this might sabotage the whole vision. However, excessive discharge of the eye bloggers can indicate an eye infection. People who use contact lenses mostly produce more eye bloggers than people who do not wear contact lenses.

This region of the world has some strong customs that have been followed by the citizens for decades strictly. However, she has no seasonal allergies. There are different policies and strategies taken by the crowned prince to gather supplement about the ideas.

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The eye can be quicker then a race car but slow enough to witness a snail crawling across a beach. When vision came along there was a desperate need to make changes in the designations but that was not enough it was important as well to change the approach towards the political issues being faced.

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It also directly relates to the policy relating financial increment of the sector.

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SAUDI ARABIA Vision for Life After OIL: An Investment Driven Economy