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Though many students have mobile phones these days, they do not get enough pocket money to take an unlimited data connection.

So, they cannot enjoy late night parties or movies whereas most of us our lucky to have parents who allow us to go out with friends late at night at times.

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A boarder is free from the cares and worries of family life. He acquires many good qualities form them. Essay on Hostel Life is Good or Bad? I have learned to observe and understand people and situations before taking any decision about them. But he is away from the loving care of his parents. Coming to the advantages and disadvantages of hostel life, it depends a lot on the perception with which it is approached. They learn several new skills such as washing clothes, ironing them, cleaning their room, keeping their books tidy, purchasing stuff on budget and even cooking. A badly managed hostel is bound to spoil the lives of its inmates. It plays a vital role in the development of the personality of the student. He has to follow the rules made by the students themselves. However, everyone can have a different experience. We first make our habits and then our habits make us.

Builds Long Lasting Friendships Staying away from the family, hostel buddies are there to take care of each other. He has to pay the bills of the washer man, of the cafeteria and of the mess.

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We first make our habits and then our habits make us. No one is allowed to remain out of the hostel a specific time. Parties and groups are formed among them.

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THey feel homesickness. By remaining lonely, he may feel neglected and turn out to be an incorrigible and undesirable citizen. The students of same class may discuss together a difficult topic of their syllabus. A hostel has facilities for indoor games. It is not unusual to come across instances of parental rebuke being directed towards banishing their child to a hostel as a form of punitive exercise, which somehow aggravates the fear of hostel in an impressionable mind as a dark, murky place, infested by bullies and away from the loving embrace of the only two people he has come to love and trust in his life. Essay on Hostel Life is Good or Bad? There are no distractions of home. He learns the value of punctuality. This has made me more confident.

This helps them to know about various cultures of different regions.

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