Epilepsy in children

Not all seizures are epileptic.

Childhood epilepsy types

In a few children, irritable or hyperactive behaviour may be a side effect of AEDs. This is a pair of large nerves in the neck. Changing or stopping your child's medication without first talking to the doctor can cause seizures to start again or make seizures worse. Like all drugs, AEDs can cause side effects for some children. Many types of medicines used to treat seizures and epilepsy. In the UK, epilepsy affects around 1 in every children and young people under Each can cause different kinds of symptoms. Many new anti-seizure medications are available and more are being tested. Taken from our Children leaflet. Febrile seizures occur in young children whose convulsive threshold is lower. What happens during a seizure? Monitoring vital signs heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, and temperature is essential to evaluate the course of SE.

What happens during a seizure? This includes lack of sleep. Epilepsy in children is diagnosed by a pediatric neurologist a doctor who specializes in brain, spine, and nervous system problems. Animal models suggest the central role of inflammatory mediators like IL-1 that could cause an increase in neuronal stimulation and the onset of febrile seizures [ 17 ].

childhood epilepsy symptoms

SE is difficult to control as the duration increases; for this reason, it is important to start an early target pharmacological treatment. See more about triggers.

what can cause a seizure in a child?

These can include the type of seizure or seizures they have, the age when the seizures started and the specific results of an electroencephalogram EEG.

If you recognise triggers, avoiding them as far as possible may help to reduce the number of seizures your child has. Some children may be responding to how they feel about having epilepsy and how it affects them.

Some types of epilepsy run in families. Making a diagnosis involves identifying a condition or disease based on signs and symptoms.

childhood epilepsy long-term effects

Most kids with epilepsy can lead a normal life.

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Epilepsy in Children: Diagnosis & Treatment