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Most of the time he was ashamed at what Negroes did himself. Washington; and lived in Harlem during the Harlem Renaissance, a period which produced an explosion of critically acclaimed literary and artistic works that originated with black artists living there.

For the Bingo King, though, the Wheel is a joke that does not fulfill its assigned role.

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After returning from wartime service in the merchant marine, Ellison was invited to spend time in Waitsfield, Vermont, where he began to form ideas for what was to become his most important work, the novel Invisible Man. In New York City, Ellison familiarized himself with Harlem while he looked for opportunities for a career in the arts.

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Bitter anger grew within him at the singing. His nerves tightened. Let them yell. At this point the hero recognizes that the wheel is an image, just as games are games and not life.

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At the beginning of the story the hero is filled with self-hatred and anxiety about his inadequacies as a man trying to survive in a northern urban environment. The feeling [2.

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