Descriptive essay on my favorite room

my favorite living room

Second edition, situation, but quality will be correct understanding of my room. I painted it white and dark lime green, It's pattern'd.

my favourite room essay for class 1

She has an awesome window seat, a huge walk in closet, and cute day bed and desk, and a mouse. As I sit here writing, the fan is the only thing I can hear besides the sound of cars passing through the main street of Fitchburg, which is only down at the end of this street.

Descriptive essay on my favorite room

The reason my bedroom is the my favorite room in my house, because it's the biggest room in my house. My bed is so bouncy and relaxing when lay on it you might fall asleep. Its kind of like a hotel room when I stay in there. Me and my dad share a room. My bedroom is a very special and different room People tell me don't you get fo of just eating all the time. The comforter on my bed is pink, green, and white, and it is made by Polo Ralph Lauren. I love my house? When I was younger I had to share a bedroom with my sister. If you looked straight, you would see the hallways that led to both rooms and bathrooms. An posters that I hang once a while. I am literally in my room like the whole day unless I'm going somewhere with my family or friends. I love it because it is the only room in my house where I can lock myself away from the rest of the world. A magnificent forest. I know where everything is and don't have to look for it.

I have very lovely Italian furniture. There is something so comforting about the way the kitchen appeals to all the senses at once. The curtains over the large window are also white and see-through, which almost defeat the purpose of having them.

I have scarfs hanging in this colorful lamp and I have a flat screen tv.

my favorite room is my bedroom essay
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Descriptive essay my favorite room