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Inquiry is, in effect, crowdsourcing in your classroom. CC BY 4.

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Lot of topics related to health, career, education, consumer goods, wealth creation, investment, financing, technology are all addressed in such forums giving the industry an idea of the pain points of several millions of people across the globe. There are various examples in this space, from cultural heritage projects such as History Pin 10 to citizen science platforms such as Zooniverse 11hosting tens of individual projects in natural sciences and the humanities.

You can get help from the modern phenomenon known as crowdsourcing—the practice of putting many minds to work on a single problem.

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Putting aside the principled differences between forms of crowdsourcing see also Figure 1which make them from the offset amenable only to specific types of problems, the success of any crowdsourcing endeavour will crucially depend on the ability of the requester to benefit from crowd inputs and encourage participation, while taking into account frame conditions such as time, budget, and quality.

Some examples of successful crowdsourcing themes are problems that bug people, things that make people feel good about themselves, projects that tap into niche knowledge of proud experts, subjects that people find sympathetic or any form of injustice.

A number of prominent examples aside, today we still see a divide between these two forms of intelligence, between conventional IT systems dedicated to data-and computation-intensive tasks, and Web 2.

For example, to introduce a unit on the Civil War, you could list topics such as battles, generals, causes, public opinion, economics, technology, media, casualties, and so on. Data flies around the world at the speed of light and exchanging information and ideas is wise for any enterprise that wants to remain competitive.

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Nowadays advertising is also about the pull of an idea— Twitter buzz and Facebook shares. It is ideal for processing large data sets that computers cannot easily do. The project called birders from across North America to count and record the number of birds in each species they witnessed on Christmas Day.

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Most of these platforms merely provide access to their crowd of registered contributors, leaving the requesters alone with the design of the actual project, the definition of rewards, and the assessment of the crowd outputs. They follow it up with Coolatta asking fans to identify which songs went well with Coolatta flavors. Standalone allows people to solve problems as a side effect of the task they are actually doing, whereas piggyback takes users' information from a third-party website to gather information. Of course, this approach to teaching far precedes modern crowdsourcing. Who is the crowd. Mattel and Lego, the leading toy brands have used microsites to gather ideas on how to make new toys and designs. Notable examples are Topcoder and its parent company Wipro. Reward models, by contrast, are often easier to control and study, though they are not without challenges Cuel et al. First and foremost, the requester cannot assume that contributions will be usable as they arrive.
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37 Great Examples of Crowdsourcing