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For example, cash and cash equivalents percent of 8. How are the two companies similar? To common size the income statement, divide each item by net sales. The income and cash flow that the Company receives from the Wells Fargo Alliance is dependent upon a number of factors including the level of sales on Wells Fargo accounts, the level of balances carried on the Wells Fargo accounts by Wells Fargo customers, payment rates on Wells Fargo accounts, finance charge rates and other fees on Wells Fargo accounts, the level of credit losses for the Wells Fargo accounts, Wells Fargo's ability to extend credit to our customers as well as the cost of customer rewards programs, all of which can vary based on changes in federal and state banking and consumer protection laws and from a variety of economic, legal, social and other factors that we cannot control.

We source many of our products from vendors in countries outside of the United States.

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Factors such as inflation, apparel costs, labor and benefit costs, legal claims, and the availability of management and hourly employees also affect store operations and administrative expenses. All rights reserved. The retail merchandise business is affected by changes in international, national, regional, and local economic conditions, consumer preferences and spending patterns, demographic trends, consumer confidence, consumer credit availability, weather, traffic patterns, the type, number and location of competing stores, and the effects of war or terrorist activities and any governmental responses thereto. This knowledge is enhanced through regular store visits by senior management and merchandising personnel and through the use of on-line merchandise information and is supported by our regional merchandising offices. Figure Stores generally carry a consistent merchandise assortment with some differences attributable to regional preferences. How to cite this page Choose cite format:. This better reveals its consistency over time. Would you invest in either company? Prepare common-sized income statements and balance sheets for each company for fiscal and Changes in economic, financial and political conditions, and the resulting impact on consumer confidence and consumer spending, could have an adverse effect on our business and results of operations. Updated Aug 28, What Is a Common Size Income Statement A common size income statement is an income statement in which each line item is expressed as a percentage of the value of sales. Assess the cash flow of each company. Our customers receive fashionable, higher quality product often at a savings compared to national brands.

By looking at how a company's performance has been changing over time, common size financial statements also help investors spot trends that a raw financial statement may not uncover.

All of our suppliers must comply with our supplier compliance programs and applicable laws, including consumer and product safety laws, but we do not control our vendors or their labor and business practices.

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The company operates family-oriented department stores that sell moderately priced apparel, footwear and accessories for women, men and children; soft home products such as sheets and pillows; and housewares.

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Common Size Income Statement Definition