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Another example is the computer industry.

New product pricing strategies

You may choose to set a higher price point for winter clothes in your cold-climate retail stores than you do in your warm-climate stores. Each producer has his aim of profit maximisation. If the price is too low, consumers will tend to think that a product of inferior quality is being offered. When you go for a car wash you have an option of choosing a car wash for Rs or a car wash and a car wax for Rs or the entire package including a service at Rs Using demand schedules, managers can figure out which production and sales levels would be the most profitable. According to conventional economic theory, the buyers and sellers only determine the price. They offer a meal or a combination of a few products as a lower price where the consumer feels emotionally content and continues to buy their products. Harley's high prices combined with its customer loyalty and mystique help overcome buyer resistance to higher prices. Promotional Pricing. It is understood that prices will be raised once the promotion period is over and market share objectives are achieved. The primary objective of penetration pricing is to garner lots of customers with low prices and then use various marketing strategies to retain them. If costs are not covered, the producer stops production. Pricing at a premium With premium pricing , businesses set costs higher because they have a unique product or brand that no one can compete with.

Used by a wide range of businesses, including generic food suppliers and discount retailers, economy pricing aims to attract the most price-conscious consumers. View all posts by Tim Friesner Posted on.

What costs determine is not the price, but whether the production can be profitably produced or not is very important. Cost-based pricing involves the determination of all fixed and variable costs associated with a product or service.

Competitive pricing also makes distributors more receptive to a company's products because they are priced within the range the distributor already handles.

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Additionally, as a young company, they may not have enough brand awareness to forgo custom branding. Product Bundle Pricing. If the company is manufacturing the inkjet printer it will have to manufacture its cartridges and if the company is manufacturing a plastic razor it will have to manufacture blades for the same.

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Pricing Strategy for Products: Economy, Skimming, Penetration, and Premium