Audit internal review activities within an organization

Thomas, C.

examples of internal controls in a business

World War II led internal auditors into the assurance of compliance with government regulations. It assumes that intentional deception has occurred.

Moeller, Robert, and Herbert Witt. The successful small business owner, though, will learn to anticipate such changes, and adjust his or her internal auditing strategies accordingly.

types of internal control

Its character and emphasis should adapt to the changes that take place in the organization over time. Pickett, K. Therefore, internal auditors should not be given responsibility or authority over any activities they audit. The IIA clearly advocates an internal control focus when it defines the scope of internal auditing: "The scope of internal auditing should encompass the examination and evaluation of the adequacy and effectiveness of the organization's system of internal control and the quality of performance in carrying out assigned responsibilities.

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By and large, however, these are financially oriented, and often are not based on the same level of understanding of an organization's systems, people, and objectives that an internal auditor would have.

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