An analysis of teenage girls in reviving ophelia saving the selves of adolescent girls by mary piphe

An analysis of teenage girls in reviving ophelia saving the selves of adolescent girls by mary piphe

At the same time, I do have some basic belief that adolescence is supposed to be kind of miserable: that's called "growing up," and it hurts. Also, the expectation of beauty for American women is examined. Prudence 16 She was plump and bulimic. Divorce[ edit ] The section of the book focuses on the effect that the parents' divorce can have on their adolescent daughters. Lizzie 17 She had been experiencing trouble at school because she had cheated on her boyfriend while at summer camp. They face incredible pressures to be beautiful and sophisticated, which in junior high means using chemicals and being sexual. Pipher encouraged Prudence to use her brother's memory as a way to motivate herself during her recovery from bulimia.

Heidi 16 Heidi was a bulimic gymnast. When Myra lashed out physically at Lois, the mother decided to go to therapy with Myra.

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She came to therapy because her binging and purging had been interfering with her relationships with her boyfriend and her family. Pipher encouraged Julia to deal with the stress of her mother's remarriage without the use of alcohol.

Pipher worked with Samantha to get her to realize that her anorexia was a problem instead of a virtue.

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I felt at the time that it was making too much of girls' helplessness and sort of encouraging us to feel sorry for ourselves and to wallow in a sense of victimization, blaming our parents and "the media" for everything.

I felt like someone was characterizing me as being way more screwed-up than I felt I was, and I was annoyed by some of the case examples, especially where they reminded me of troubled friends of mine who, I felt, were not well-served by a therapeutic culture that I saw at the time as potentially iatrogenic though I hadn't learned that fancy word yet!

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Whitney also feels that Evelyn "resented" her relationship with her father.

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Reviving Ophelia: Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls by Mary Pipher