A short recount of us foreign policy

I come from a tradition that says that faith complements reason, therefore, faith may take you beyond reason, but it should never take you beneath reason. A story that has haunted me for decades is about the equipment monitoring the ozone layer over the South Pole decades ago.

But Clinton had in fact spent the last few days in hard-nosed deal-making with the Chinese that nearly ended in an embarrassing failure, until she personally intervened, twice, with her counterpart, Chinese State Councilor Dai Bingguo: the first time to reassure Dai about a deal to allow Chen to stay in China and study law; then, when Chen balked at that, to secure agreement that he and his family could leave for the United States.

And in this case, we went against the norm, and for that reason, I think, our actions have not been deemed as ethical from the point of view of international standards. It would send a message that the United States is committed to a strong foreign policy, not a slow slide into senility.

Cultivating better contacts with Congress is a longer-term challenge, one we should address by making service on the Hill a requirement for promotion to the senior foreign service or senior executive service.

A short recount of us foreign policy

When Kayla and I were doing this book, Kayla sort of reminded me, as we were writing the introduction, that really the central issue here was raised by Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the anti-Nazi theologian who was imprisoned, as you know, for the plot to assassinate Hitler, and later killed. The first is the war in Afghanistan. She had done it on purpose, in part to signal that this was no longer the first lady of the Beijing human rights speech they were dealing with — but it was immediately termed a gaffe, both by her old human rights allies and, privately, by some of her new colleagues in the Obama administration. None of us took the time to care that our forward deployment of troops in Saudi Arabia was massively unpopular for years and enabled our enemies to use it as a rallying cry against us. But the purpose of international law and organization is to translate some of the norms that are rooted in moral grounding into a visible framework in which states must go before the world and justify what they are to do, not only in terms of what they think, but in terms of what they are capable of persuading others is legitimate to do. So you have got to both demonstrate that you have an accurate moral view, and then at the same time now, you have to overcome a great deal of apprehension and doubt. Its regional and thematic policy experts are often muscled out of big decisions by other parts of the executive branch. I think it is a good thing for America. In times like these, individuals think ahead about what a more repressive government will want, and then start to do it without being asked. Another ally, Spain, provides an even more egregious example: when senior members of the security forces created the GAL, a counterterrorist death squad with a mandate to murder the leadership of the ETA, the Basque terrorist movement. That part we have to address, especially when it is not a necessary war.

Most people know Shibley as a foreign policy specialist and we were talking before — how was I to know that we had somebody who can bring the study of Kierkegaard to bear on international relations? How could that be?

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But they refused to entertain it. At the same time, Clinton continued to work the Chinese too, promoting much more intense engagement than in the past. I mean Kayla, got to love you for getting the word out and for being so instrumental in putting this book together. Hillary Clinton had no comment. No matter how brilliant or prepared they are, senior officials cannot master the minutiae of complicated issues from every continent and on every thematic policy issue. When China angered its neighbors with increasingly assertive claims to territory in the South China Sea, Clinton was there to take advantage at an Association of Southeast Asian Nations security meeting in ; suddenly, America seemed popular again in the region, and countries from Japan to Vietnam were talking about the benefits of a U. Unfortunately, that focus often evaporates when it comes to long-term strategic challenges.

Grand sweeping deals that change the world with the stroke of a fountain pen are in short supply these days. As direct representatives of the president, ambassadors still have authority over most U.

Then she laughed.

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But when we ask about the role of religious groups in politics — and you look at it historically, you look at it in America, you look at it elsewhere — it is clearly, at least in part, and often largely, a function of the power of the organizations, not the power of ideas.

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Liberty and Power: A Dialogue on Religion and U.S. Foreign Policy